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Parcel with this helmet is insured for full value. High quality and 100% money-back guarantee by PayPal. Helmet can be used in Europe and USA. It's full-face helmet with a shaped out shell, so it's safe and comes with the guide for the helmet underneath.

Predator Strong helmet is designed and manufactured by NLO-MOTO. Main difference between Predator Original and Predator Strong - new aggressive design. Only Predator helmet from NLO-MOTO has intact motorcycle helmet inside for your safety.

Just imagine: cops stop you to take a picture with you instead of checking your driver's license, other bikers will be very envious, and hot girls will come up to you first to ask for your number. Pretty cool, huh?

Predator Strong is not the first original helmet from NLO-MOTO, so how does it differ from the rest of them?

Predator Strong helmet features:

— 50% wider view (compared with third party non original Predator helmets) NEW

— 20 strong nylon dreadlocks (lenght of each 13 inches)

— The new visor can be opened with one hand and slides into the helmet body NEW

— Double fiberglass body with carbon reinforcement

— Weight: 4.6 lbs

You have 180 days protection of transaction. Buyers protection programm guarantees that you'll receive high-quality product.
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Satisfaction guarantee and a gift

Predator is based on the DOT/ECE motorcycle helmet, which is responsible for your safety. We do not modify it in any way, except for adding the predator mask. We give you a gift - super bright LED's module. We are sure you will like the helmet. PayPal gives you 180 days money-back protection.

Attention: some producers of fakes remove the factory polycarbonate shell and replace it with homespun case made of polyester tar and a glass-fiber blanket, thus putting your life at risk. Removal of the factory-made certified protective shell is simply unacceptable.

Let's talk about the bright side though: all clients get 3 bright LEDs for free. However, you can upgrade them to lasers (requires one 3V CR2032 battery, sold separately).

It's not just a cool toy!
Predator Strong is not just a stylish and safe helmet.

Featured in

Carbon tips for dreadlocks

We will install a hand-made carbon tip
on the end of each of the 20 dreadlocks

Become a legendary Predator
3 beams can be seen in smoke and fog
The laser control module is mounted as a separate component that is easily accessible for battery replacement. Use 3V CR2032 batteries for the LED and laser modules.

Serious on the outside
and comfortable inside

Based on the helmet with DOT and ECE 22.05 safety certificates. Predator Strong is a "skin" applied to a regular motorcycle helmet. The structure of the base helmet remains intact during assembly. The interior of the helmet is fully removable and washable.

Never let the handlebars go!
The visor can be quickly opened with one hand and hidden into the helmet.

In Predator Strong, the visor can be opened with one hand while the driving the bike. The slightly tinted visor is supplied with the base model and is an optimal choice for day and night rides.


Predator Strong is a "skin" (made with fiber-glass, carbon and polyester resin) applied to a regular motorcycle helmet. The structure of the base helmet remains intact during assembly.

Safety Certificates

The functional characteristics and safety certificates (DOT and ECE 22.05) remain identical to those of the factory-made helmet that is used in the product. This is a fully-functional helmet. It features removable anti-allergenic, machine-washable internal padding and a convenient buckle.


The German-made paint and finish used for the helmet are durable and UV-resistant. The helmet retains its original color for a very long time.

Base configuration of Predator helmet includes:

  • – Predator Strong helmet with black matt coating
  • – dreadlocks (20 pcs, lenght 13 inches)
  • – tinted face-shield
  • – LEDs (if laser controlled aimer doesn't chosen)
  • – cover
  • – instruction
  • – box


What guarantees do you provide?
  • Build time: if we don’t make your helmet in 10 days, we will make a full refund.
  • Emotions: if nobody wants to take a picture with you within 7 days from the day of delivery – we will make a full refund.
  • Quality: you have 45 days to return your Predator Strong helmet.
Why does the helmet cost $ 810?
How much does everyone’s attention cost? What is the price of charisma? How much would you pay for a beautiful, exclusive product? Our price is just $ 810. And you also get a safe and comfortable helmet.
Why should I choose your company?
We are the only company that manufactures an original and safe helmet. There are simply no alternatives on the market. Nobody will make a better offer.
How do I buy the Predator Strong helmet?
You place an order, pay for it, and we ship your helmet by air mail to any place in the world absolutely for free. If there is a post office in your city or town, you will get your helmet. That is, delivery is possible to any address in the world.

Just in time

If we fail to make your helmet in 10 days, we will return your money, no questions asked

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You have 45 days to return your purchase

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We offer free worldwide shipping

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$ 119
$ 119
$ 150
$ 810 $ 950